Current Legal Status of Psilocybin Therapy (as of September 2020)

Last Updated on September 17, 2020

I am of the belief that a wave of support for novel treatments of depression and PTSD are coming to the United States, particularly from the therapeutic use of psychedelics such as psilocybin and LSD.

After many years of an expensive drug war that has ruined lives, filled our prisons and cost taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money, Americans are beginning to question to the long-term effects of such obtuse and short-sighted policy making.

In 2015, an antidepressant was the top-selling prescription drug in the US and today, multiple antidepressants rank in the top 25 most prescribed drugs. Meanwhile, rates of depression and mental illness continue to rise, especially among the young, around the globe. Suicidality and self-harm that arrise from depression and PTSD, are only part of the long-term harm to our society. Mental illness is a significant contributor to cormorbidities such as hyptertension, heart attack, heart disease, obesity, drug addiction and more.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to see that simply relying on FDA-approved antidepressants to address the mental health crisis alone isn’t working. We need alternative treatments and psychedelics, especially under the care of a trained professional, offer a new option that many who have experienced a significant trip will attest not only aids in their mental health but offers a transcendent mindshift in their role in the world and connectivity within it.

I’ll be using this post to track the legal status and ongoing efforts to legalize psilocybin use in the United States.

StateSpores LegalLegal StatusEfforts to Decriminalize
AlabamaYesProhibited for Any Use-
AlaskaYesProhibited for Any Use-
ArizonaYesProhibited for Any Use-
ArkansasYesProhibited for Any Use-
CaliforniaProhibitedProhibited for Any UseDecriminalized in Oakland and Santa Cruz
ColoradoYesProhibited for Any Use-
ConnecticutYesProhibited for Any Use-
DelawareYesProhibited for Any Use-
FloridaYesProhibited for Any Use-
GeorgiaProhibitedProhibited for Any Use-
HawaiiYesProhibited for Any Use-
IdahoProhibitedProhibited for Any Use-
IllinoisYesProhibited for Any Use-
IndianaYesProhibited for Any Use-
IowaYesProhibited for Any Use-
KansasYesProhibited for Any Use-
KentuckyYesProhibited for Any Use-
LouisianaYesProhibited for Any Use-
MaineYesProhibited for Any Use-
MarylandYesProhibited for Any Use-
MassachusettsYesProhibited for Any Use-
MichiganYesProhibited for Any Use-
MinnesotaYesProhibited for Any Use-
MississippiYesProhibited for Any Use-
MissouriYesProhibited for Any Use-
MontanaYesProhibited for Any Use-
NebraskaYesProhibited for Any Use-
NevadaYesProhibited for Any Use-
New HampshireYesProhibited for Any Use-
New JerseyYesProhibited for Any Use-
New MexicoYesProhibited for Any Use-
New YorkYesProhibited for Any UseBill to decriminalize introduced in May 2020
North CarolinaYesProhibited for Any Use-
North DakotaYesProhibited for Any Use-
OhioYesProhibited for Any Use-
OklahomaYesProhibited for Any Use-
OregonYesProhibited for Any UseLegalization (Measure 109) to appear on November 2020 ballot
PennsylvaniaYesProhibited for Any Use-
Rhode IslandYesProhibited for Any Use-
South CarolinaYesProhibited for Any Use-
South DakotaYesProhibited for Any Use-
TennesseeYesProhibited for Any Use-
TexasYesProhibited for Any Use-
UtahYesProhibited for Any Use-
VermontYesProhibited for Any Use-
VirginiaYesProhibited for Any Use-
WashingtonYesProhibited for Any Use-
West VirginiaYesProhibited for Any Use-
WisconsinYesProhibited for Any Use-
WyomingYesProhibited for Any Use-
District of ColumbiaYesProhibited for Any UseDecriminalization on ballot for November 2020

City and Statewide Ballot Initiatives

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor City Council to consider decriminalization of entheogenic substances on September 21, 2020.

Supported by Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor (DNA2).


Measure 109 will create a psilocybin therapy program so Oregonians have the best therapeutic options available.”

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