EverymanBio YouTube Channel Launched!

I’m excited to announce that I have finally launched the EverymanBio Channel on YouTube.

The EverymanBio YouTube channel has launched!

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Personal Challenges in Starting a New Channel

For months, I’ve been thinking about, obsessing and, quite frankly, stressing about starting this channel.

I have this vision of what I want in a channel that includes a lot of cool shots, plenty of B-roll with inspirational voice-overs and self-authored music all edited down into a nice cohesive narrative that makes an emotional appeal to the audience while simultaneously teaching them something new about genetic engineering.

Couple my grand vision with watching other great YouTubers (e.g. Thought Emporium, Fresh From the Farm Fungi, David Ishee) continually crank out quality content, it really got me down. Why would anyone ever want to watch my crappy videos? How will I ever get enough followers to make this venture a sustainable business?

In order to move forward, I had to come to terms and admit that I am but just one man with only so many hours and energy in a day. I could continue to put up roadblocks and watch another day pass with no progress on my channel, or I could embrace the suck and take a lesson from the software development world: iterate.

So I’ve been doing just that. I’ve been hosting regular live streams on Instagram, gradually getting comfortable on camera and making small adjustments to how I speak, framing the short and engaging my audience.

I am optimistic that in time, my videos will get better and eventually will evolve into a different vision; one that emerges from the cumulative experiences accrued on the journey. After all, sharing the journey with you all is why I started EverymanBio in the first place.

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