EverymanBio is a journey with many possible outcomes. Here are the scenarios I envision playing out over the course of time and a roadmap for what is to come.

Possible OutcomeMore DetailsLevel of Excitement
Bring a New Biotech Product to MarketLearning diybio and genetic engineering means learning an array of tools and technology. This process has already revealed many product opportunities. One outcome might be that I choose one of these problems to tackle, develop a prototype and found a new startup business to bring the product to market.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Monetize EverymanBioWith the launch of my YouTube channel and continued investment in sharing information on the site and in social media, traffic to my channels continues to steadily grow. Once I have an audience, there may be an opportunity to monetize the eyeballs by selling products or services that my audience finds valuable. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Expand Coaching & Consulting ServiceI love coaching people and helping them develop their skills to accomplish amazing things in their lives and careers. As EverymanBio grows, I can forsee more biotech, engineers and other intellectual folks reaching out to hire me as their personal coach, mentor or consultant.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Start a New Exciting CareerWith all of the new microbiology and genetic engineering skills I'm learning, I may be able to compliment my software engineering background and break into a new career field and go work for an awesome company in a leadership position.🔥🔥🔥
Run Out of Time, Money and/or MotivationThis project requires a considerable amount of my time and money - and I remain motivated by all of the possibilities above; however, I cannot sustain making no income forever. If the journey doesn't reveal any income producing opportunities, I will have to close everything up and go get a real job. But think positive! I'm optimistic this won't happen.🔥


Perform DNA extraction from mycelium Learn how to extract DNA from a sample of mycelium on agar for DNA barcoding.Complete
Isolate a clean culture from a wild mushroomFind a wild mushroom and grow in the lab from a tissue sample or spore printComplete
Perform PCR for DNA barcoding of fungiPrepare a DNA sample and run PCR in preparation for sequencingComplete
Perform Thin-Layer Chromatography on a mushroom extractIdentify a target compound (eg. cordycepin) and use TLC to detect it from a tissue sampleIn-Progress
Send a PCR sample for DNA sequencingUse a 3rd-party service to sequence a PCR product I've preparedComplete
Perform DNA sequence alignmentUsing the results from a fungal sequencing order, perform alignment and cleanup of sequence resultsComplete
Publish a DNA sequence to GenBankLearn how to publish sequences and metadata on GenBankComplete
DNA Barcode 50 wild-caught fungiPerform DNA extraction, PCR of ITS, identify and publish sequences for 50 wild-caught species.Completed 35 / 50
Open Source a DNA translatorAuthor a script that accepts a sequence and outputs a list of amino acidsBacklog
Perform leaf pathogen biopsy and cultureIsolate fungal pathogen from CamelliaComplete
Cultivate Cordycep militaris mushroomGrow and fruit some cordycepsComplete
Cultivate Hericium erinaceus mushroomGrow and fruit some Lion's ManeComplete
Cultivate Panellus stipticus mushroomGrow and fruit some bioluminescent mushroomsComplete
Cultivate Coprinus comatus mushroomGrow and fruit some Shaggy Mane mushroomsComplete
Perform GFP Transformation in E. ColiPrepare media for non-pathogenic e. coli and perform GFP transformationComplete
Perform GFP transformation in YeastPrepare media for yeast and perform GFP transformationBacklog
Design a DNA PlasmidIdentify a genetic transformation project and design a plasmid that can be synthesized for testingIn-Progress
Perform electroporation transformationBuild an ElectroPen and perform successful transformation of E. coliProgress
Synthesize a self-designed DNA plasmid Use a 3rd-party service to synthesize a diy plasmid for transformationBacklog
Successfully transform an organism with a plasmid of my designSuccessfully transform yeast with self-designed plasmid DNAIn-Progress
Learn to create microscope slides for fungiGet a compound microscope and successfully capture images of magnified tissue / sporesComplete
Perform haploid crossing of a fungiLearn to cross breed mushrooms by isolating and crossing haploidsBacklog
Identify an unknown organism using morphology and microscopyUse a microscope to successfully characterize the morphology used to identify the species Complete
Launch a YouTube ChannelCreate some videos!Complete
Generate a phylogenic tree from own sequenceUse the results of a barcoding sequence to generate an accurate phylogenic tree of the organismComplete
Create a presentation deck for public talksDevelop a template deck to talk about EverymanBio, diyBio, self-learning, my services and outreachComplete
Develop a weekly live streamSetup and perform a weekly live streamBacklog
Rehab attic space into diy hom lab & video spaceDo a light remodel of the attic to make it a dedicated place for my workIn-Progress
Create a public speaking pageCreate a page on the site to solicit my public speaking and group discussionsBacklog
Create a coaching pageCreate a page to describe and offer up my coaching and mentoring servicesBacklog
Develop a guide for self-learning anythingDocument my methodology for self-learning and self-author a book or pdfBacklog
Figure out how to livestream to multiple platforms concurrentlyComplete
Setup eBay StoreExplore selling some of my cultures on eBay to help with fundingBacklog
Setup Amazon StoreExplore selling some of my cultures on Amazon to help with fundingBacklog
Create and sell EverymanBio t-shirtsUse a 3rd-party service to design EMB t-shirts and offer them for saleBacklog
Perform fungi bioremediation experimentCreate a plastic-eating bioreactorBacklog
Perform genetic recombination in fungiIdentify a target gene to add or modify in a fungi and perform a transformationBacklog
Launch EverymanBio PodcastLine up some Zoom interviews of interesting people in the biotech and genetic engineering space and publish them.In-Progress
Engage VC's and Investors for FundraisingBegin pitching startup idea to VCs and biotech investor community.In-Progress
Develop a method for promoter discovery in fungiLearn how to walk genome and find promoters in fungiBacklog
Domesticate unpublished fungi speciesApply transformation methods towards developing a publishable transformation method towards domesticating new fungiBacklog
Recruit Informal Startup AdvisorsRecruit Synthetic Biology & biotech experts as informal advisors for startup.In-Progress