An indie biotech initiative focused on fungi, genetics, and empowering new scientists.

What started out as an experiment in self-learning cutting-edge genetic engineering of fungi has turned into a larger mission of empower emerging scientists, early-stage biotech startups and partnering instutions to pursue curiosity-driven science.

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Josh in the Lab
EverymanBio Founder, Josh McGinnis

Who I Serve

EverymanBio aims to be a model for how the growing independent research community can partner with established institutions to pursue meaningful science and create new founder-led businesses that change the world.

Independent Scientists

I help traditional and unconventional scientists become fully self-reliant independent researchers. Whether it's setting up a home lab for the first time or overcoming the mental challenges of going indie, I'm here to help you define and pursue success on your terms.

Startup Founders

Founding and operating a startup is challenging, but you needn't do it alone. Let me help you by bringing my years of experience in technology, business and consulting to your team. Whether it's augmenting your research, managing operations or having a coach in your corner, I'm here to help you on your journey.


I also support academic, corporate biotech and post-Series A startups in pursuing or augmenting their R&D, UX and product develoment projects. Leveraging external and indie scientists is a great way to source novel solutions and offset risks intrinsic to traditional science institutions.

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Why support independent science research?

Realizing Present and Future Promise of DIY Biology and Medicine through a Trust Architecture

Lisa M Rasmussen, Christi J Guerrini, Todd Kuiken, Camille Nebeker, Alex Pearlman, Sarah B Ware, Anna Wexler, Patricia J Zettler
“Benefits in nonestablishment research include its potential to identify and solve problems quickly, tailor them to a local context, make the options affordable, and create and distribute resources when governments are unable to do so.”


Torrey Sirdevan
"I'm a first-time startup founder who decided to self-fund the development of my prototype from a home lab. Josh was instrumental in helping me setup my lab and overcoming the challenges with making this big move."