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Picture of Josh McGinnis standing and smiling outdoors.
Petri dish culture of Trametes versicolor polypore mushroom.

Once you realize what’s possible, a whole new world opens up. That’s exciting.

Josh, CEO & Founder

Hi. I’m Josh and I created EverymanBio to document my journey in learning the kind of science that once only existed in academic and corporate laboratories.

The future is full of promise and opportunity for non-traditional self-taught learners who apply practical skills to real-world problems.

No matter what you’ve been told, there is no one way towards learning and making a meaningful contribution to our understanding of the world; you need only dare to try.

Thank you for stopping by and taking interest in EverymanBio. I hope that you’ll follow along, participate, comment, and share your ideas as I document this journey to self-learn practical hands-on biology and genetic engineering.