My Research

Here's some of the ongoing research in which I'm currently engaged.

Fungi Collage

Mycology, Molds, Mushrooms

A large part of my ongoing research involves the collection, isolation, and study of novel strains of fungi with an emphasis on rare, cryptic and sparsely researched filamentous molds.

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Josh is a Bioprospector


My works as a Bioprospector involves the collection and study of microbes from unique environments.This process has yielded valuable discoveries in the past and continues to offer incredible potential for new molecule discovery. Harnessing existing evolved metabolic function of organisms can yield huge returns across industries and applications.

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Plasmid Map

Microbial Engineering

One area of onoing research is the study and creation of new protocols for genetic transformation of novel strains with heterologous genes using a variety of molecular biology tools, including: agrobacteria-mediated transformation, electroporation, and chemical transformation of fungi and bacteria.

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Pigment Extraction

Biotech Accessibility

Money, formal education and/or institutional affiliation should't be prerequisites for performing meaningful research. In spite of this, the barrier-to-entry for indie scientists are real and consequential to the advancement of the sciences. That is why I am committed to the ongoing development of tools and methodologies that are accessible to as many people as possible.

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