Let's work on science together!

Here are some service areas where I can help.


  • Source & isolate wild-type strains
  • Run metabolic & phenotype assays
  • Library building for GMO applications

DNA Barcoding

  • Genetic identification of fungi and bateria
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Add valuable metadata to your library

Lab Automation & Robotics

  • Setup and configure lab automation
  • Create robotic workflows
  • Code your lab robots for scale


  • Oxford Nanopore genome assembly
  • Genomic data pipeline development
  • Whole genome sequencing

Research & Development

  • Custom R&D projects
  • Proof-of-concept building
  • Experiment design and development

Biotech Startup Consulting

  • Founder support & coaching
  • General biotech business strategy
  • Augment your executive team

Software Engineering

  • Biotech-focused contract software dev
  • Python, Ruby, Rails, Node.js app support
  • Remote team + agile project mgmt


  • Personalized support for going indie
  • Help setting up a home lab
  • Dev'ing low-cost tools & reagents

Product Testing

  • Q&A of new or experimental products
  • UX testing of your products or services
  • Video tutorials, unboxing, reviews


Connor Young
"Starting a mushroom company came with its share of challenges including the occasional mystery fungal invasion. Josh was not only able to help us identify suspect growths, but he did an amazing job educating us on best practices for maintaining a clean and productive laboratory environment. We really enjoy working with Josh because of his passion for teaching us how to teach ourselves."