What is EverymanBio?

About EverymanBio - Josh McGinnis

Hi there. I’m Josh and I created EverymanBio because of my belief in the power of self-learning and the prosperity that comes to society when clever amateurs focus on a problem space outside of the contexts of traditional walled-off institutions.

History is rife with autodidacts that have made enormous contributions to humanity and our understanding of the world around us. Benjamin Franklin, Alan Watts, Frederick Douglas, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, The Wright Brothers – the list goes on and on.

Whether its amateur astronomers discovering new galaxies or locating satellites once thought to be lost or amateur mycologists rapidly evolving the ease in which anyone can grow mushrooms at home or the amateur biologists from around the world working on creating a low-cost community bioreactor for making insulin – the world is wide-open to those who dare to break convention, learn for themselves, ask questions, challenge authority and seek answers.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Why were these self-learners so successful? Why does our education system today generate such a low return-on-investment for so many?

These questions are worth exploring as our world evolves and adapts to the challenges of today. EverymanBio seeks to ask and discover the answers to these questions starting by documenting my own personal journey in self-learning all things diybio, genetic engineering and biotechnology.

Current Version

Right now, EverymanBio is a one-man operation (with the help of his dear wife, Catherine). I’ll be blogging and posting on social media ongoing updates of my self-learning journey.

In the beginning, my primary focus will be on learning and reproducing the same labs, protocols and experiments performed in a modern-day lab or biotech startup.

As my knowledge and experience increases, new opportunities for business, collaboration and content will arise and lay the path for what comes in the future.

What’s Next?

I’m working on the following projects that will be rolled out as they happen over the coming weeks.

  • Finish building out the physical space for EverymanBio Lab at my home in South Los Angeles
  • Launch a YouTube channel
  • Launch a store for selling cultures in my library
  • Identify collaboration opportunities with other diyBio folks around the world

Long-term, EverymanBio could evolve into one or more different things such as a community biology lab, specialty mushroom grower, biotech startup or something else altogether.