About EverymanBio

EverymanBio is on a mission to empower nontraditional researchers and demonstrate the power of indie + institutional partnerships by:

  • Modeling successful collaborations with indie scientists and industry
  • Decentralizing biotech knowledge, tools and methods
  • Creating more indie scientists and biotech startups
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I help Biotech Industry Reduce Risk, Innovate, Research and
Execute on Important Initiatives

Josh in a lab coat

About Josh

Hi! I'm Josh, an experienced software engineer turned published self-taught diy biologist and independent researcher.

I originally started EverymanBio to document and share my journey in learning modern biotech, incuding fungal genetic engineering.

EverymanBio now leverages all my experience in coding, consulting and coaching to cultivate more independent researchers, support biotech startups, and integrate more non-traditional scientists with mainstream institutions.

Recent Work & Publications

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PetriBio Bioprospector & Assay Development

PetriBio is a microbial engineering startup and they hired me to help bioprospect for bacteria that produces enzymes of interest.

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Fungal Isolates and Observation Data

View my ingoing work to isolate, culture and DNA barcode wild fungus from all over the world.

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Software Development & Open Source

View my open source software projects and contributions.

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EverymanBio YouTube Channel

Watch, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel focused on mycology, biotech accessibility and more.